So, last night, I was at a stage where I thought my site was almost done, 98% done, that is, the biggest thing that bothered me was how the blog was presented.

That and I get bored quickly so I want a site that is dynamic, pleasing to look at and runs smooth, and looks great on multiple platforms with everything look super sharp utilising great image formats such as SVG’s, font scaling, CSS3 etc.

Have I achieved this? kind of, already I’m really happy with the site, I’ve perfected the colour scheme, style and how I want my site to represent me, because that’s what it about, me, selfish right? ABSOLUTELY! but I am paying the bills to keep the digital lights one.

Wondering what happened to my other posts? well, I just deleted everything, in time I’ll re-write them, better and nicer, so my first step is site wide standardisation, then blog formatting.

Next step, decide what I want to write about, my categories are now, Photography, Media and Technology, my biggest interests!




I like food.

Welcome to Badsey Media!